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What Kind of Substance is Marijuana

Marijuana is called the dried (and sometimes processed) inflorescences of the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant when intended for human use in view of their psychoactive effect. Inflorescences consist of female flowers (with or without seeds), their flowers and adjacent leaves. These parts of the hemp plant are thicker or less commonly covered with glandular horns (trichomes) that emit droplets of resin consisting of various cannabinoids, essential oils and other substances. GrowLegally medical marijuana consultants is the right place for you.

Marijuana is usually green in color but can be colored in different shades of gray, brown or purple, depending on the variety, growing conditions, preparation and storage. There is a specific odor that is determined by the content of essential oils and can be described generally as peppermint, lemon peel, pine resin and hay.

What other names does marijuana have?

In the different subcultures, different jargon names of marijuana are used – from classical weed and ganges, joint and Mary Jane others. A cigarette with marijuana is usually called a joint, a trump or a cone. The dried inflorescence is called the head.

How is grass used?

Most often by smoking, but it can be consumed raw (but in this case, it can irritate the stomach) or it can be mixed with various drinks and dishes, such as sweets or cake. Smoking usually is in the form of cigarettes that are self-contained or in various devices – pipes, bonges, hookahs.

Who uses weed?

Weed users cannot be distinguished from other members of society by social, economic or educational trait. It seems that men using weed are more than female users without a clear explanation of why. Naturally, among older adults, marijuana is less popular, but this is only due to historical reasons.

Is it true that the use of marijuana dates from many years ago?

Yes, that is true. Marijuana has been used in the past. Historical sources indicate that it has been used for both pleasure and medical applications in the Middle Ages and the beginning of industrialization. Naturally, through socialism, the use of marijuana was practically unknown, so older people see weed as something else.

Why is weed used?

Marijuana is most commonly used because of its specific effects on the psyche, but its medical applicability is increasing, among glaucoma patients, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, cancer, and others.

The average consumer most often states that he uses weed to relieve stress or simply for pleasure.

What does marijuana contain?

The chemicals responsible for the action of marijuana on the psyche are called cannabinoids. Of these, the most important is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the content of which varies from 0 to 20% depending on the hemp variety, the processing methods applied and the storage conditions, but is most often in the range 1-10%. Among other cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) have a significant effect. Over time, the cannabinoid content of marijuana decreases as the process is accelerated by light, increased humidity and / or high temperature. Hemp varieties in which the content of cannabinoids is below a limit value (usually around 0.2%) are assessed as industrial and therefore inappropriate for marijuana production.

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