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Beneficial Effects of Day Nursery for Children

A Day nursery is a facility where parents or guardians leave their children to be taken care of from birth to eleven years old, though this may differ from nursery to nursery. Some nurseries will not take young children under six months of age. Day nurseries are a good alternative for parents and guardians who want their children to have a structured learning. Studies indicate that children from 6 months of age to 5 years benefit from day nurseries in several ways and we are going to highlight some of these benefit in this article.

  1. Improved Academic Performance

Studies show that young children who are still developing have the ability to attain high cognitive achievement if they are taken to a high-quality day nursery. These high-quality facilities have well trained care providers that help children develop their cognitive abilities. Hence the kind of day nursery you select for your child determines their overall cognitive development.

  1. Peer Interaction

Apart from the home play dates organized by parents for their children to interact with kids, neighbours and other close family relatives, at the day nursery children have the opportunity to interact with other children in safe controlled environments which teaches them problem solving skills, share and play well together as their minds grow and discover their personalities. This in the long run teaches your child how to interact in social gatherings when they grow up.

  1. Following a Set Schedule

When you drop off your child at the Little Hands Little Feet day nursery, they always have a schedule to follow throughout the day. Facilities like this have set activities for the day from sand play, mathematical experience, songs to storytelling and your child learns this schedule from the first day they get there. These scheduled tasks are vital to children’s intellectual development and this is not only good for parents in controlling unwanted behaviour while at home, it teaches your child that there is a time for everything from play, eating and bathing to napping. This is a quality that your child carries on into adult hood and allows them to make good judgement at the right times.

  1. Easy Transition

Children that have been enrolled in day nurseries usually have a more active school life as they grow and advance with their education. This not only keeps the parent involved in their child’s school life, it makes it easy for the child to also easily advance to upper class in school as he or she grows.

  1. Adult Interaction

When a child is born, he/she beings to learn about people from their parents and other senior close relatives in the family, that is why we are always advised to conduct ourselves well while in the presence of kids. At a day nursery, children have the opportunity to learn and see adults as a source of dependable authority that they look up to for positive guidance. This in turn is directly related as to how the child ends up growing and relating with other people in society. If care providers in the day nursery respond well to verbal cues made by a child, this enhances positive behaviour, compassion and attitude which limits negative interactions among kids as they spend time together.

  1. Parents Benefit

As you drop off your child at nursery, you leave him or her with professional care providers who have been trained and enjoy doing their work. This gives parents a bit of off time from their kids and allows parents to focus on themselves which in the long run will benefit both parent and child. Care providers also monitor your child’s interaction while at the facility from a different perspective. And from their expertise they can offer positive criticism to the parents and best solutions when necessary.

  1. Independence

When you take your child to a day nursery for the first time, this will the first time in their life that they have been away from you for a certain period of time since they were born. This might be a bit stressful for both the parent and the child due to separation anxiety, this will gradually end and will give your child an opportunity to nature new relationship with strange people he or she will meet at the day nursery and create some form of independence. This in the long run teaches your child how to handle change of environment. A skill that sticks with your child into adulthood.

We all have the instinct to stay close and monitor our children 24/7, and this may be difficult when deciding whether to enrol your child in a day nursery. But this will be a good decision you make for your kid to let him or her explore new environments, build new relations and activities which will benefit your child in amazing ways. So go ahead, enrol your child and let them explore the new world around them.

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