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Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Weddings are the most exciting and memorable moments for every bride and groom and they want it to make it as perfect as they can. One has to plan out every little detail and consider many crucial steps leading upto the d-day. Venue is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. The venue is the setting where all the other details come to life and cater to you and your guests on the propitious day. Some research about the various options available and planning beforehand can help save up on a lot of effort, money and headaches later on as one prepares for that one unforgettable day.

The largest part of your budget is spent on the venue and it can turn into a bug frustration if it doesn’t turn out right which can happen if proper research is not done and a reasonable price range set. The most important factor in this aspect is probably the wedding date. Even movies like Bride wars have been made on this one factor. The period between January and August is the busiest for weddings and will also come out to be costly for all those in the wedding industry. One can save a lot by keeping the wedding date later in the fall in the months September through November. Once the date is set, an affordable budget needs to be decided upon.

The first step is to conduct a research and organise a list of venues that meet the budget and theme. Once the list is ready, one should visit each location. Visiting each location will provide one with a good idea of what to expect, how the final setup with look, how many guests can be easily accommodated and also to check for surrounding areas if the ceremony and reception are to be held in separate locations. One should check with the venue representative of the number of guests the venue can hold easily and if there are any restrictions.

After checking up the locations, the next step is to enquire about the staff and facilities like accommodation at each venue. Do the catering, entertainment, staff to help set up and break don, and seating, wedding planner for the day come along with venue or need to be arranged for separately? These factors if bundled together can lower the overall cost and hence need to be asked from the venue representative. If the venue does not come along with all these accommodations, do they have a list of vendors they prefer to work with? Since many vendors come with a discount due to their partnership with the venue, this can also help saving costs.

Just a little more effort with some research and time, the bride and groom can be sure of a fabulous location for their most special day. Before settling for a particular venue, they should certainly clear all doubts and ask a variety of questions to be confident about the venue, one that will impart top notch service and make that one day of your life absolutely dreamy.

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