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Why children need to spend more time outside

Playing outside can be very beneficial for kids, especially when it comes to their mental and physical health. Check out the list below for five of the most important benefits.

Improves Vision

Children who spend more time outside are less likely to develop shortsightedness. Recent research noted as much as a two percent drop in the chances of becoming myopic for each extra hour spent outside every week.

Social Skill Promotion

A wide range of skills are promoted through unstructured outdoor play. Time spent in the play park is about so much more than being active and enjoying the playground equipment. Children are able to practice a huge variety of behavioural, physical and social skills while playing outside, from turn taking and problem solving to developing language and communication.

Improves Attention Span

Research tells us that natural outdoor spaces, such as beaches and parks, along with participation in weekend and after-school clubs and activities significantly reduces the symptoms of ADHD in some children. Take a look at for football team kits and other sporting accessories.

Reduces Stress

Spending time outside is a fantastic remedy for stress. There is a significant amount of data that suggests that children who have access to outdoor spaces are able to find peace away from stresses, such as in the classroom and their daily routine. Exercise and fresh air is now regularly prescribed by GPs to help with a range of disorders in adults and children, from obesity to depression and anxiety.

Boost Vitamin D Levels

There are a multitude of health benefits offered by Vitamin D, including preventing heart disease and diabetes and strengthening bones. Every child requires a healthy dose of vitamin D from birth. Vitamin D supplements and diet can help, but the nutrient is also abundantly available for free; sunlight prompts your body to create this essential vitamin. Medical professionals now advise that parents allow their children to spend a few minutes outside each day before the application of sunscreen to allow them to absorb sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Of course, parents of children burn easily may prefer to increase their vitamin D levels through supplementation and a healthy diet. If in doubt, be sure to ask your GP or paediatrician for advice.

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